Shipping Policy

What do we ship?

We ship Hunza Water, Kombucha Tea, Kimchi, coconut, and goat kefirs, Sauerkraut and Colloidal liquid metals, certain perishable foods with dry ice.

When do we ship?

It depends on the type of products, if you will be ordering kefir in the middle of the week, we will end up waitinh till the beginning of the week such as, Monday or Tuesday to send your package as ice cannot be left over the weekend, since it evaporates within 36 hours. For kombucha, and other fermented items, the maximum it will take us to ship your order out is 2 business days, since these products donot require dry ice.

Where do we ship?

We ship anywhere in the United States.

How do we ship?

Due to fluctuations in mailing prices we generally use UPS as our first choice in safely delivering your order, but we will sometimes use UPS or fedex as well.

What are our rates to ship?

Rates are calculated on destination, size of order and if order is needed to be expedited.

How can you track your order once shipped?

You will be sent a confirmation email once your order has been processed with your personal tracking number.

Is in store pick up an option?

Yes, takeout is an option, but if you live in the South Florida area you do have an option for “local delivery.”

Can our packing materials be recycled?

Yes, The boxes that our cases are shipped in are cardboard and foam. With parchment paper and other packaging recyclables.

***Please note***

Some items are perishable or time sensitive.

As such, some products are only available for Local Delivery, such as our prepared meals. While others, such as Kefir, Kimchi & Sauerkrout may or may Not be packed with Dry Ice, depending on ferment, if so, an additional $20 fee will apply.

****Please note, fermented items might be shipped already fermented that require dry ice, however, freshly made items that are shipped go through an additional ferment during shipment (this does not require dry ice) you may or may not require dry ice (this is entirely dependent on duration of ferment.) ****

Customers must pre pay online and have local pick up option or shipping option and along with the pick up option list have a time schedule when to pick up option button

East coast shipping –  ONLY Monday and Tuesday we are shipping out packages AND ORDERS.. customer will receive their package 2 to 3 business days after day of shipping

West coast shipping –  ONLY Monday and Tuesday we are shipping out packages AND ORDERS.. customer will receive their package 4 to 5 business days after day of shipping