Raw Living Spirulina


Directions: Take one spoonful per day and reap the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and viable polyphenols.

**Three week shelf life once received in the mail**

It tastes like yogurt!! Raw living non processed non heated
spirulina is truly one of the most incredible products I’ve come across. This spirulina is grown locally in Florida. It is grown in sodium bicarbonate ponds with natural sunlight.
Raw living spirulina is one of the best foods for gut health
It contains Super Oxide Dismutase and so does our probiotic elixer kombucha products.
SOD cannot be taken in supplement form, since the slightest processing will kill virtually all forms. SOD is responsible for correcting and prolonging our DNA. We use this spirulina in our Spirulina probiotic Elixer kombucha. Raw Living Spirulina has the most chlorophyll and protein per TBL. Contains every vitamin and mineral on the charts and is a great pre biotics and pro biotics.


Directions: Take one ounce per day


Additional information

Weight 16 oz

Now carrying this amazing RAW (not powdered) spirulina
grown here in SOUTH FLORIDA!
12.5 Billion cells per serving
Packed with protein and vitamins *completely raw!* Powdered spirulina is heated at high temperatures, for all raw foodies, this is truly a raw product.

Product also used in our flagship seller kombucha **raw living spirulina kombucha and Organic Chlorella**