Pineapple Raw Living Coconut Kefir


*Pineapple Coconut Kefir*

(5 day process)

Health Benefits

“The health benefits of lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables are wonderful. For example, “birds fed kimchi or sauerkraut would often start recovering from the Avian Bird Flu”

Organic pineapple that is fermented plays a crucial role in cancer prevention. It is a wonderful way to absorb high amounts of Bromalain, without the added sugar from pineapples. Fermenting fruits such as pineapple replenishes our gut with friendly bacteria.

*Vegan* *Organic*!

**Low sugar due to fermenting process**

UPS delivery requires dry ice packing.


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Gallon, Half Case, Half Gallon



Pineapple Coconut Kefir

(5 day process)


Organic pineapple, organic coconut meat, organic coconut water, probiotic blend, reverse osmosis water with minerals, organic dates.

*Vegan* *Organic*!

**Low sugar due to fermenting process**


ALL KEFIR is designed for individuals with a probiotic deficiency, wanting to improve digestion, and metabolism, individuals wanting to cleanse and detoxify, IBS, Harmful Intestinal Micro flora, Chrohns, Leaky Gut, Colon diseases, Candida (Harmful yeast) Internal fungal/mold issues, and parasites.


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