Papaya Raw Living Coconut Milk Kefir

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*Papaya Kefir*

(5 day process)

*Vegan* *Organic*!

**Low sugar due to fermenting process**

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Papaya Kefir

(5 day process)

Consuming fermented papaya significantly increases immune function and “stimulates the body’s ability to detoxify through special enzymes such as superoxide dismutase.”

“Researchers found that those taking the fermented papaya had significantly greater IgA (immunoglobulin-A) levels than placebo groups.

The researchers also found that phase II enzymes and superoxide dismutase enzyme expression was significantly higher among the papaya groups.”

Salivary secretion rates increased from consuming fermented Papaya which is a sign of increased immune function.


Organic Papaya, organic coconut meat, organic coconut water, probiotic blend, reverse osmosis water with minerals, organic dates.

*Vegan* *Organic*!

**Low sugar due to fermenting process**


ALL KEFIR is designed for individuals with a probiotic deficiency, wanting to improve digestion, and metabolism, individuals wanting to cleanse and detoxify, IBS, Harmful Intestinal Micro flora, Chrohns, Leaky Gut, Colon diseases, Candida (Harmful yeast) Internal fungal/mold issues, and parasites.


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