Colloidal (Nano Particle) Silver 4oz

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Mono atomic silver infused water.
Directions: 30-40 drops a day 2 times a day
Ingredients: Isotonic water . Silver nanoparticles


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Native Colloidal Silver

     The silver is a monoatomic 1-2 nanometer pure water that is created by electrolysis and magnetics under a patented process.

     The silver is considered a food product and has been proven to kill both viruses and gram negative pathogens . Silver has been used for centuries as a natural antibiotic whereas, Colloidal gold-Copper has been used for centuries as a blood Builder; building thrombocytes and red blood cells and also acts as a biocide destroying viruses, fungi, and bacteria.



Our colloidal silver comes directly from the creator (in South Florida) and has been extensively tested for purity, penetration, and accumulation. Because of the nano-sized particles of silver, this product acts like a gas in the body and tests at 100% of the body’s membranes being penetrated. This particle size is also allows the body to process the silver more easily so that it doesn’t accumulate. How to Use: Wound Dressings. Gently clean your wound with warm water and soap. Apply colloidal Silver and cover with medical gauze. Fungal Infections like athletes foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Apply Colloidal Silver to a sterile damp cloth (warm water preferably) and wrap infected area. First Aid Remedy. Use on burns, scratches, bites, and cuts by applying Native Colloidal Silver to sterile medical gauze and cover. Immune Boosting. Add 30 drops of Colloidal Silver in a cup of water daily. Ingredients Isotonic water with nano sized silver particles

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