Hunza Water Concentrate From Anatolia

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  • “It contains negatively-charged hydrogen ions. This is important because hydrogen is one of the most powerful antioxidants. This helps to neutralize free radicals in the body. In addition to living in a society with little to no pollution or environmental toxins, it’s no wonder these people are living 120 years!
  • Mineral colloids efficiently deliver nutrition. Basically, a specific “activator” reduces the size of the nutritional elements of Hunza water. However, it doesn’t compromise the actual nutrition – it just makes it more compact, thus easier for the body’s cells to receive.
  • Lower surface tension. In essence, this means that Hunza water more closely resembles the water found around the cells in our body. This is getting a bit complicated, right? Here’s why that matters…
  • Increased “net charge.” Basically, fluids are able to move between cells, flush out toxins and absorb more water into the cells.
  • High alkaline pH. This can naturally help the body to neutralize acids and regulate pH levels which have been linked to reducing the risk of cancer and – you guessed it – a longer life!”


Made of gnostic salt from the hunza region this places the body instant ketosis
Drains the kidneys of protein urea

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 In the early 20th century, doctors and scientists began studying the health and
psycho-physical abilities of the Hunza people. These people have the longest life span in the world, a study concluded the water they drink is partially the reason for their longevity. 


Drinking water from the glacial streams of the Himalaya Mountains is perhaps the closest we can get to drinking from the Fountain of Youth. 

The technical source of Hunza water is water that comes from melted glaciers.

Directions: For kidney and overall health: Take 4oz ounces per day first thing in the morning, wait a half hour to eat or drink anything.


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