Certified Organic Coconut Oil 64oz

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The use of coconut oil in food is extensive. It’s one of the most widely used ingredients in any coconut oil kitchen because it can be used safely in meals with high heat all the way to being a healthy binder in a raw dish. In oil pulling. Ever hear of oil pulling? Take a tablespoon of your Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil and hold in your mouth until it melts. Swish it for 15-20 minutes. Spit it into the trash. This has been known to help with stains, built up bacteria, and bad breath.

Ingredients 100% pure, centrifuge extracted, certified organic, virgin coconut oil from Thailand and the Philipines

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| Certified Organic | We choose to carry this Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil because Wildly Organic is a family owned business dedicated to the safety of every ingredient and transparency in their sourcing. The centrifuge extracted Coconut Oil from Wildly Organic isn’t just any coconut oil. This certified organic treat never reaches above 120 degrees fahrenheit during processing so that it retains all of the vital nutrients plus ensuring that only a very light coconut flavor is left. How They Make it Fresh coconuts are chopped and the meat is gently pressed to release coconut milk.

The fresh milk is placed in a centrifuge and spun, separating the oil from the liquid. The pure coconut oil goes through 6 stages of centrifuge and then a slight vacuum to ensure all of the moisture is removed—this process improves the consistency and the longevity of the product. How to Use Books have been written about the many uses of coconut oil because of the gentle but powerful nature of this ingredient. We encourage you to play with it, but here are a couple of our favorites to get you started. As a moisturizer. Use it plain or mix in a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to liquid coconut oil. The deep moisturizing quality in addition to the high antioxidant and slight antimicrobial action add a natural anti-aging quality for anyone working with dry skin.


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